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Yolla Accommodation Unit 580 tonne

Nov 15, 2011

The eyes of both the energy world and heavy haulage industry focused on Taranaki at 10pm on...

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Mahinerangi Wind Farm Components

Jul 22, 2011

Transport of 36 towers up to 28.5m x 4.1m x 4.1m - each weighing up to 76 tonne, 36...

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Tiwai Point - 170 tonne Transformer

Jun 30, 2010

The first of two 170 tonne transformers built in Brisbane and bound for New Zealand Aluminium...

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Heavy Haulage with Multi-Trans

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Proud Member of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association

Multi-Trans Ltd is proudly 100% NZ owned, with Managing Directors Dave Brown and Malcolm Templeton being two of the most experienced Heavy Haulage experts in the country. With the support and dedication of a team of professionals, the pooling of experience within the company makes for a formidable combination.

Heavy HaulageWe provide a total service, taking a conceptual project from specified scope of work through to turn key operation. We have an extensive history of providing a range of quality Transport Services to clients throughout NZ and overseas, specializing in all aspects of Over Dimensional and Heavy Haulage Transportation.

While Heavy Haulage is our specialty, we are also Machinery Movers carrying out factory shifts, jacking and installation of heavy machinery, general cartage and project related services including cranage and cargo handling activities.

Multi-Trans Ltd has earned an enviable reputation in turning highly difficult and complex jobs into smooth operational successful outcomes, through the extensive knowledge and professionalism of our hands-on Directors and Employees. It is for this reason Multi-Trans Ltd are known as one of the best Heavy Haulage Transport Operators in the Industry.